The City of Bath: Worth it or Definitely Worth It?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering visiting the town of Bath. I’m here to tell you, GO! It’s a stunning and historical spot that has completely stolen my heart. It’s so special, the whole city has been deemed a UNESCO world heritage site.

It has also officially been deemed my favourite city in the world, so…. yeah, GO! 

Only a two hour train ride from London, Bath is the perfect destination for a day trip or even as a tag on to your weekend in the Cotswolds.

We only stayed the day but I recommend you hang out a bit longer. I’m already planning my next trip there, and I could spend hours just wandering the streets taking in the quintessential English charm and jaw dropping architecture.

So what’s there to see?



Let’s start with the most obvious; the Roman Baths. Designed for public bathing way back in 70AD, the baths are now a museum, where guests can walk through and learn about the different rooms, pools and water sources that were cleverly built and used back then.

You can’t swim in the baths anymore (and you wouldn’t want to), but it’s a piece of history that’s pretty important to the city.


Number two on my list is the Royal Crescent. Built in the 1760’s, the crescent is filled with private homes as well as the luxurious Royal Crescent Hotel and a museum.

One of Bath’s biggest landmarks, it is also one of the best examples of Georgian architecture you will find in the UK; a huge sweeping u-shaped goddess of a building, overlooking a beautiful park.


Though we didn’t enter the Bath Abbey (the line was really long), I was able to get a sneak peek through a back door that had been propped open. If historic architectural buildings interest you, I would definitely plan a stop here.

If you’re feeling up to it, you could even climb the 212 stairs to the top of the abbey’s tower. Either way, you won’t miss its grandiose shape, rising above the other buildings right in the centre of town!


If the Pulteney Bridge is on your to do list, I would recommend viewing it from a few different spots. The bridge itself is of course worth a mention, with little shops and cafes built directly into it, like any other road. It is actually one of only four bridges in the world that has shops built into both sides of the road the entire length of the bridge. Maybe stop in for a drink at the Bridge Coffee Shop to sit near the exterior window, which hangs quite delicately above the River Avon.

For a different view, head towards the water to see the bridge from afar. It’s a beautiful stroll that passes directly in front of the Pulteney Weir, a horseshoe shaped barrier built to control water level and flow.   

*Picture taken by Headout Blog


 The city centre is, in itself, filled with hundreds of locally owned shops, selling everything you could possibly want from a unique, fun day out and about. If you enjoy browsing independently owned stores for that perfect one of a kind find, you will easily spend hours in the charming alleyways and streets of Bath.


This one is for all my fellow readers out there! Bath was home to the famous female English author, Jane Austen. And don’t worry, the city takes full advantage. Get your novel-loving-fix by taking one of the many Jane Austen themed tours around the city or by planning a visit to the Jane Austen Centre.

In other book related news, please please PLEASE do yourselves a favour and stop at Mr B’s Emporium Bookshop. Tucked away on a side street in the town centre, this multiple storied shop is a haven for readers everywhere that want to lose themselves in a fantasy world and discuss any and all book related chatter. It was even named one of the best ten bookshops in the world by The Guardian back in 2015. So seriously, GO.

So, what are you waiting for?!  

There is no doubt in my mind that you could spend days getting lost in this gorgeous city, and I urge you to do just that. The offerings on this list are main attraction type suggestions, things to do if you only have a day.

But I can just tell that Bath is a magical place worthy of falling in love and completely losing yourself in the best possible way. So, do yourselves a favour and give yourselves complete permission to enjoy, explore and live the fairy tale experience that is visiting Bath.

2 thoughts on “The City of Bath: Worth it or Definitely Worth It?

  1. Lise berthiaume says:

    Wonderful, you say you hope to go back …let me know I will go with you…!,
    Although I am sure every one wishes to do just that too…

  2. Yolande Rheaume says:

    Your description and pics are wonderful. I cant figure out bath part but I know they exist.Reminds me of Venice in some places. Lovely.

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