The Need To Read During Covid-19: My Top Twelve Favourite Books!

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Today is day 56 of (my) quarantine during this crazy COVID-19 pandemic. During the last two months, I have stayed busy; recording songs, writing blogs and most of all, reading great books. Almost daily, as I eat my breakfast or get ready for bed, I feel the need to pick up a book and fully immerse myself into the new world awaiting me between the pages. Whether set in a hot Egyptian dessert in 1942, a small Swedish hockey community in the woods or the White House itself, books and their stories have kept me sane during this time and allowed me to relax and forget, even if just for a few minutes a day. If you are feeling the same way and are in need of a few recommendations, I’m here to help! All the books below, written between 2013 and 2018, have stayed with me since I first opened the cover. They are (in my opinion) cleverly told, interesting stories that deserve to be shared! So please, dive in and enjoy your little escape!

Please note: All the synopses above are quoted directly from Goodreads.

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