To Live Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure

At school, my teachers always said “you have to create your own art”. Now, I don’t think they meant that I had to write my own musical or create a painting or something. They were just saying, keep busy and find a way to inspire yourself. If you’re lucky, something wonderful will come out of it. And if not, at least you tried. I didn’t really understand at the time. All I knew was I had to create something, because that was the “successful” thing to do. But I was extremely lucky. Before I even graduated, I had booked my #1 dream job: performing for Disney. I didn’t need to find ways to inspire myself: my job did that for me every single day, when I met a new child, or saw a mother tearing up in the first row while I sang “When You Wish Upon A Star”.  Now, after 9 months working for this incredible company, I find myself back in Toronto.

That is why I’m writing this blog. 

Though I hope and believe I will work for Disney again very soon, I’ve realized in the last few weeks that there is beauty in being open to every possibility. I’ve only just started my career and I already feel like I’ve had so many experiences that are worth sharing. Stories about swimming with sharks and hanging out with Mickey and meeting the most incredible people. So then I thought: I love to sing, I love to travel, I love to write.  So why not do it all? I’m not saying I’m great at any of them, or that reading this blog will be a life changing thing for you. But by writing it, I get to share my stories, reminisce and just maybe, discover a few things about myself along the way. And that’s good enough for me.

5 thoughts on “To Live Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure

  1. Denise Gagnon-Lebrun says:

    My darling daughter…You continue to amaze and inspire us. We hope that life continues to surprise and propel you forward. From your first public performance at Po’s wedding where you sang “My favourite things” to your aunt and uncle, you showed us a glimpse of your potential.
    Here’s to a lifetime of wonderful experiences and happiness. Shine on my super star Love Mom and Dad XX

  2. Denise Gagnon-Lebrun says:

    My darling daughter…We are so proud of you and your accomplishments. You continue to impress by pushing your boundaries. You are creative and kind and make the best of every situation. I hope life keeps you moving forward and rewards you with wonderful opportunities to live the life that we didn’t even imagine for you. We love you…Continue to shine my bright star…Mom and Dad xx

  3. Sharron Findlay-Mitchell says:

    Congratulations on your adventure so far! I will always remember how you came into my K classroom as Jasmine. The children were convinced that I had managed to get a real Disney princess come to our class. You were amazing. I was hoping to see you on the Fantasy but your gig was up before I could go this summer. Good luck!

  4. Paulette Hammell says:

    Congratulations on your web site Mimi! Looking forward to reading your blog regularly! How wonderful!! Great job!

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